Who are the foundation


onduct strategic alliances aimed at: Projecting, build, run, manage, coordinate, monitor and evaluate programs and projects aimed at development plans, family programs, promotion and prevention, welfare, environmental, logistical, educational programs, virtualization, training in the public and private sectors nationwide.

Mission in a  paragraph :

«Promoting inclusive and productive culture social development that integrates innovation and development technology , with social control and transparency»

Objectives: A. To promote social inclusion in vulnerable community. B. Promoting social appropriation of science and technology. C. Promoting literacy development based on  technology. D. Strengthening social control processes in public institutions. E. Disseminating and expanding a culture of productivity and environmental sustainability.

Be a strengthened institutional foundation, processes and projects based on sustainable, research and logistics development, always with an innovative and differential axle, achieving promote actions from the social, business and politics, ensuring social, environmental and economic inclusion


We work in the field of solidarity and development cooperation, trying to influence social awareness to help create a fair and caring relationships that generate equitable development worldwide.


«The right of people to live freely and with dignity, free from poverty and despair … with an equal opportunity to enjoy all their rights and fully develop their human potential.» (Paragraph 143 of the Final Document of the Summit 2005, resolution 60/1 of the General Assembly) Secretariat of the United Nations – UN

How we identify? – Values

 1. Productivity and competitiveness with social responsibility
 2. Differentiation, added value, creativity and innovation
 3. Inclusion and participation
 4. Professional Ethics


We gathered under the interdisciplinarity, so our proposals and projects addressed in depth from different perspectives of disciplines, science and knowledge. Fabio Andrés Gómez, Daniel González, Cesar Murillo, Alejandra Carreño, Juan Fernando González …